French Drain Installation

So, what is a french drain? Well, a french drain is a long pipe that helps take water from one problem area and move it to another area, similar to a gutter. The pipe has perforations surrounded by stone that allows water to flow through it quickly and helps keep regions that may have had water problems in the past dry.

Are French Drains Effective?

Yes! French Drains have been used for decades and provide an excellent and affordable method of channeling water away from problem areas keeping your home or business safe!

How does a French Drain Work?

The concept of a french drain is relatively simple. A small trench is dug at an angle away from the problem area, then lined with a fabric similar to what you might use to keep weeds out of your flower beds. After the lining is in place, the trench gets a perforated pipe laid in it to collect water, and the pipe is surrounded with stone to allow water to easily and quickly flow into it. The downward slope of the trench moves water away.

What Would You Want To Use A Frech Drain For?

There are many different things french drains are suitable for, but here are some of the most common ones we deal with:

  • Suppose a home or business’s foundation is sitting in a wet area. In that case, a french drain can be an excellent means of moving water along, helping prevent damage to the foundation by preventing the ground from becoming oversaturated.

  • Soggy spots in a lawn can easily be treated with a french drain preventing water from pooling in the area.

  • Pool decks often get soft areas around them from rainwater runoff and pool usage. French drains work well around pool decks helping stabilize the soil.

  • On driveways, rainwater runoff can cause stability issues with some people’s driveways, depending on the grade of the property. French drains can help stabilize the driveways substrate by quickly moving water away.

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