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***Please note we have a $1500 minimum charge for all projects and a $2500 minimum on concrete pours.***

During your appointment, we will take a look at your concrete and measure the area to be raised after we have measurements we will get you your personalized quote.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the service we provide and look forward to working with you on your concrete raising & leveling project! In the meantime check out the before and after images below so you can see what is possible with concrete raising & leveling!

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Tired of that big bump to get into your garage? Concrete raising & leveling with Quick Level poly concrete raising & leveling is a great way to get rid of it!
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An improper grade on your driveway can result in water coming back into your garage or worse yet structural damage to your foundation resulting in repairs that can cost thousands of dollars. Our Quick Level poly concrete raising & leveling system can prevent costly repairs!
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Did you know that in many municipalities your sidewalk is your responsibility? Keeping your sidewalk level can keep people safe preventing dangerous falls.
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There is nothing more annoying than tripping over that same piece of unlevel concrete every time you walk out the door. The crazy thing is it really does not cost much to use concrete raising & leveling to fix issues like this!
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People will spend thousands on nice stamped concrete patios only to have them wind up falling apart if they are not cared for properly. We can easily repair concrete patios like this keeping them looking beautiful and more importantly level!